CRES 2nd Grade Teacher Shares Impact of Technology

In Mrs. Bridge’s 2nd grade class, students complete at least one “technology-based” project and/or post on Seesaw once a week. They use the Chromebooks and laptops to supplement science, social studies, language arts, and math. For example, they type their scientific observations into a Google Doc (table), or they do a PebbleGo search for a social studies topic and take digital notes about what they have learned.¬†Their technological confidence and ability to complete projects is increasing every day. Educators like Mrs. Bridge are recognizing that having more access to technology is positively affecting student’s knowledge and abilities on a daily basis! Mrs. Bridge says, “I have noticed that the more we use technology, the more I see the kids who can “help” others start to show their leadership — it’s amazing and makes my heart happy as a teacher!”